UPDATE: 18/02/2018

We’re partnering with HereMaps to provide the most accurate delivery-point vector map details (< 3,000:1 ‘individual house on a street’ view).
20/01/2018  The offline, turn-by-turn navigation is now seamlessly integrated, previously the pin-placement and directions were two separate app modules.

We’re continually working to ensure NavM8 is the ultimate navigation tool for all professional drivers.  NOTE: We cannot yet offer a definite release date other than ‘before Summer 2018’, thank you all for your enquiries and suggestions – please keep sending them in, we’ll try to answer every message.

Best offline navigation app for professional drivers.

  • Find addresses by House Name (if they don’t have a number)

  • Find the correct delivery point on large Industrial Estates

  • Customise your route with multi-drops and call-backs

  • Improve fuel efficiency (or battery charge, for electric vehicles)

  • Meet deadlines/delivery-targets by not wasting time being lost

  • Works ‘everywhere’, without internet/wi-fi connection

The app improves upon the unique features of the old M8 app, now with: Offline navigation (no need for internet connection). 
Multi-drop and callback features.
Designed by drivers for drivers.


Simply by adding a postcode, the app will display all properties for that area.

Highlight multiple addresses, add them to your map then edit the postcode to select more addresses.

The overview screen shows your location in relation to the address points. This helps you visualise and plan your journey around the area.


Customise the pointers

Pinch and zoom

Add ‘callbacks’

Shows time and distance



Navigating is easy with the high-accuracy maps using Ordnance Survey / Post-Office data taking you straight to the door.

“If your livelihood depends on being able to quickly find the correct delivery address within an ambiguous postcode – you need NavM8 with you.”


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