What is the difference between the ‘Trial’ and ‘Subscription’ version of the NavM8 app?

The free version is for you to test the suitability of the app, you have 10 postcode searches (so use them wisely).
The Pro version is a subscription purchase, with unlimited searches. It is a monthly PAYG subscription £3.46 (+VAT) you have two weeks free use until the billing cycle begins (your sign-up payment is £0.00).  This replaces the ‘early adopters’ terms of 3, 6 and 12 months subscription choices – those purchased subscriptions will continue to run.

My card isn’t being accepted by PayPal’s ‘guest checkout’

Some phones or cards leave cookies from previous PayPal visits, this can cause problems with the in-app transaction, please use this web-link instead.  https://navm8.com/subscription-payment/

Why do I see a Register/Log-in screen?

Register as a user to begin the free 2 weeks which continues to the monthly subscription.  We are 100% against any kind of user-data selling, we follow GDPR guidelines. We would occasionally like to ask your opinion on new features while we’re tuning the app to perfection, so expect an occasional email from us.

What do the icons in the address toolbox do?

1 ‘Navigate to‘ tap this to start the turn-by-turn guided navigation.

2 ‘Defer delivery‘ also known as a callback, postpone a delivery but keep it on your route listing. You can set a date and time (optional) or add a photo and note to explain why the delivery had to be postponed.

3 ‘Confirm delivered‘ tap this icon to mark the address as visited or the delivery completed. The address will be moved to your ‘History’ list where you can keep it for your records or delete it permanently.
If you accidentally confirm an address, there’s a ‘restore’ option in the History, which will return the address to the Map route and Management list.

4. ‘Show route‘ see a preview of the shortest route to that address.

5 ‘Photograph‘ take a snapshot of the delivered parcel or visited address for your records. This is saved in the online account History, for sharing with customer or logistics manager.

6 ‘Move to bin‘ moves the address to the History page. You can restore it from the History page or permanently delete it.


Can I type a postcode without the space?

Yes, you can type postcodes with or without the space. The UK postcode format is carefully numbered to not confuse similar codes if the space is left out.


Can I edit/amend a postcode instead of typing the whole thing?

In the Search box, the last-typed postcode is stored, so you can just amend the last few characters. There is also a ‘recently searched’ list of postcodes which you can tap to paste into the search box.

How does the online/offline feature work?

NavM8 currently uses Google’s mapping system, this will be upgraded to offer two alternative mapping systems in the next few months. You can chooses to save Google’s Offline map of your delivery area to your device. The app employs GPS to sync your position and the Address pointers you’ve saved to the Map View.
It’s advisable to search and create your address list (walk-sort route), while in 3G/4G range, the map pointers will remain in place on your MapView (you can set ‘Map’ or ‘Satellite’ view to see houses and alleys etc) while placing the pointers.
The turn-by-turn navigation will still take you to the door in poorly-connected areas.

Where have the addresses in my Management list gone?

NavM8 syncs to your online account which is connected via secure https, although the map pointers are saved in your device’s memory, the address list is backed-up online. In some circumstances, the link to the server may not be constant, which prevents the address list and history from displaying, it will return when you’re in a better connectivity area.